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Balance Discussion

ok we need to balance the torping ships (splash damage)

4/14/2015 11:18:42 PM
Avatar Badwolf197

the torps in this game do the most damage of anything and the can be droped varry close, and the ships that drop them cant be easly hit theas ships take no skill to use with the self damage off and the subs are exployting the fact that they cant be hert by their torps thay are in the explotion at times rediculas this needs to be fixed so ppl stop exployting this abilty thay should be hard to use thay hit harder than any ship in the dang game thay can sink the biggest bb in 2 sec and now they have no bad side  i will probbly quit playin the game if this is not fixed and i have been wating for it to come out for a long time

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