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Tier 8 DD stock speed buff

4/17/2015 9:54:19 PM
Avatar Matbag248

Honestly, the Kagero is a piece of crap compared to and destroyer before it. The Asahio has 35 knots with armour, the kagero starts at 32 and goes to 34, with the same armour, on the first upgrade... its the same speed as a new orleans class. How am I meant to run away when I'm the same speed as the ones who are meant to kill us? I'm going up against faster and more heavily armed ships now that I'm higher tier, so why am I being punished for getting going up the tech tree? If you say that you need the second engine upgrade, then give me 200k xp to do so because grinding 200k xp on the kagero is basically torture. If the B-17s weren't in play then I may not even use armour, but since they are, there's always a need for armour.

Honestly, trying to run away from an atlanta is impossible when youre basically at the same speed.

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