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CV gameplay and planes suggestions

4/18/2015 9:17:44 PM
Avatar baluranha

Ok, i've been playing CVs for a while and i have some tips to help one of the hardest class in-game to reduce it's difficulty for newbies.

1- TB should immediatly raise to high altitude after launching a torp, i know it can be done mannualy but it would be a great improve for CVs focused on TBs, specially if your TB is behind the enemy lines and after launching the torp it just pass right trough the entire enemy fleet.

2- When enemy ships are marked by fighters, they shouldn't start doing loops and dives and they shouldn't slow down their speed, instead, let them do the normal circle animation but with a greater distance, this way you can mark a target and controll your bombers a lot better instead of constantly changing between bombers and fighters.

3- Send the pilots back to school, there are no air collision yet they can collide with the ground in such a dumb way, just kamikazing sheeps...
Put the AI climbing rate higher so they don't collide with mountains.

4- Change the auto-attack function for Scouts, DB and TB, those planes don't shoot straight forward(most of them) and their damage is close no none.

5- Change the color of the icon of "Ready to take off" to orange, or do something that people can notice right away like in NF1.

6- When you cancell a plane loadage, please, only take the time you spent loading the planes, i missclicked once 3s after clicking the deploy icon and had to wait about 8s to be able to launch planes again.

7- Make it possible to "set a waypoint" for planes that are beeing launched, this way they'll deploy and move right to the mark.

Now to a improvement of the CV role, here are some suggestions:

1- Have 2 kinds of fighters like for DB and TB, one with a higher speed, less durability and firepower and other with higher firepower and durability but less mobility, this way there will be Air Superiority CVs focused on either intercept or an assault based CV(with higher durability and firepower it could easily destroy planes while beeing launched but it would take time to reach the destination so it would be only usefull using the "mark" option).

2- Since no one know what bombing skill does(i still think it increase crits), change the pilots abilities for:
Aiming: Increases AA damage(Bombers, TBs and Scouts can shoot too so "Aiming Skill" instead of "Intercept" would be better.
Dogfight: Increases Air Combat(Planes) Evasion
Evasion: Increases Anti Air Weapons(AAW, ships, not flak) Evasion

Those 2 kind of evasions would help with bombing and the suggestion number 1 where if you want to have an Assault Fighter Squad you'd take Evasion skill instead of Dogfight, it'd help a lot bombers too, specially people who use 5~6 fighters and 2~1 bombers, for them the only enemy is enemy AAW.

3- Remove the limitation of squads, put a limitation of planes deployed. This way you can have up to 25 planes up but you can use 7 squads, this way you can split TBs without thinking about not having space for fighter squads(after 3 TB the efficiency greatly reduces), so for example, if i want to do a "Torp Wall" to block the way of DD and CL, i could launch 4 waves of 3 TB and 3 waves of 3~4 fighters to support the TB on the run instead of 3x3 TB and 2x5 FT.

4- Have more changes when getting a better Tier of CV, right now they increase only cap size but other stats are almost untouched, make it decrease loading time, increase ammount of planes per squad(right now you get tier V CV and stay launching 5 planes until Tier 8...).

Well, i think this is all i got ATM, if i have more suggestions i'll make sure to update this.

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