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CV UI Improvements

4/20/2015 1:16:22 PM
Avatar civileng

Suggestions to improve the aircraft control UI:
-We note most of these suggestions have the potential to benefit all ships capable of launching aircraft, including BBs and CAs.

1. Altitude display for selected squad(s) on a scale of 0 to 100 (min/max)
-Alternatively, if the community prefers, an altimeter reading in metres/feet depending on the Nation's measurement system.

2. Remaining payload indication: in NF1, a DB or TB would have a "1" or "0" hovering below it to indicate if it could still drop something. Can we implement the same function here? The only known method to check if a plane is holding something seems to be to press the spacebar (which expends the bomb or torpedo).

3. Remaining fuel indicator.
-Currently, a squad will report his fuel to be half and request a return, in floating red text that disappears after a short duration. No subsequent warnings are given until said airplanes run out of fuel and the pilots are forced to ditch into the ocean.
-Suggestion: Remaining flight-time display (e.g. 2:40) and/or a coloured fuel gauge on the bottom-screen UI. An example rendering is shown below.

With these indicators, the UI becomes much more informative; I believe that any experienced CV who knows the hotkeys would never use these 'on left click' buttons to control their aircraft (especially not the payload drop! We all use the spacebar!)

P.S. If possible, can we get a raw ETA to waypoint? It would calculate the time needed (distance divided by speed) for a straight-line flight to the current destination, and display it on the waypoint itself. In conjunction with #3 (fuel remaining display, in seconds) it would help us make sure if a plane can last the trip home after it's been out for a while, or if we'll have enough time to bomb certain targets before the game ends.


Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

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