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This game is getting too repetitive and boring...?

4/21/2015 4:05:41 AM
Avatar frezinator

I've played this game like 2 months ago and bought premium two times, my captain is now lvl 99. I want to reach lvl 100 but i lost motivation because i realized that im doing the same thing over and over again..  Grind grind grind.... buy new ship.... grind grind grind... buy new ship..... i have two tier 9s ships, i also dont have motivation to buy tier 11 ship because i know even though tier 11 ships can do a lot of damage.. they can still get easily sunk by enemies that are working together and teaming up then gang banging you.


This game has competitiveness and teamwork elements, which i really liked about the game, but i still feel like its lacking or missing something to keep me playing and getting hook in this game.


Any one feels the same?





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