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Balance Discussion

Torp spamming

4/27/2015 11:04:35 PM
Avatar baddoggs1052

I find it incredable that you can have 50-60 21 inch torp's on board. In reality you got what you have in the tubes. this idea 

of unlimited torps is just stupid, especially when you can run out of ammo for you'r main gun's? 

A 21 inch torpedo is HUGE, maybe a BIG CV with no planes could physically carry that much ordinance....

Ajusting this back to more realistic loadout's would put an end to spamming and make people learn the game instead of 

just barrage fireing torps all the time... It would fix most of the balance issues with the BB class. I can't see how BB's can

survive in the face of the torp spam. It's the main reason i don't play capital ships at all.

Perhaps we can all donate some pennies and buy the Dev's a copy of "Janes Fighting ships" for christmas ?


P.S. Still love the game though :-)

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