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Balance Discussion

ss why we hate them

4/29/2015 11:55:43 AM
Avatar Badwolf197

ok a ss can kill a bb in 1 full launch of its tourps, and it can do that inside the fierarc of a bb u cant even shoot them, wow and ppl want them buffed if u buff them up much more that is all u will see in games and ppl will quit.


the ss is kinda a supership varry few things can see them, ( and all ships had soner in the war) and thows that can are low level so thay just want the bigger ship thay dont care about subs their just trying to level so no help 70 to 80% of the time, u want to buff them we need more anti sub options plane and simpl


I have been told that a ss cant take a shot from a bb, lol that is bs at most u hit this tiny thing with 1 shell i have fiered at an ss 5 times hit every time and with out help it still would have been up so the story is not true u cant hit them with a full salvo varry often


   give me your thoughts ppl love hate lets see where it gose

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