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Share Your Moments Event Submissions (Updated 05/25)

5/4/2015 1:36:18 PM
Avatar 관리자 gm


Dear NF2 Captains,


The following is a list of the submissions sent in thus far by fellow captains participating in the current Share Your Moments Event. A big thanks to all who've taken the time to send in their entries. We'll continue to update this thread as new entries are received.


Please check the videos out, and if you would like to participate, please see the full event details at: http://navyfield2.com/Event/150430/Event01.aspx


Captain SparklesKM


NavyField 2: Kriegsmarine SMS Roon Request


Captain ARMrodasii


el mejor juego naval Navy Field 2 GRATIS!




NavyField 2 Shimakase


NavyField 2 FTM Platoon 1


NavyField 2 FTM Platoon 2


NavyField 2 FTM Platoon 3


NavyField 2 FTM Platoon 4


Captain AdmiralASH


NavyField 2 Yamato


Captain BadAssNYC


LP 20150424230402


DB SS and DD


Captain Nedla2000


Navy Field 2 Ep. 1


Captain GalmGa


Navyfield II: VII Cl Leander Gameplay


Captain FinishGos


Navyfield2 T8 NewMexico 510k damege NF2JP


Navyfield2  CV空母エンタープライズ雷撃 NF2JP


Navyfield2 platoon NF2JP


Navyfield2 T7CA 5 officer all 200persent NF2JP



 Update 05/08:




NavyField 2 FTM Platoon 5


NavyField 2 FTM Platoon 6


NavyField 2 Shimakase torpedo


Captain FinishGos


Navyfield2 T8DD USA platoon reload speed


Navyfield2 420k damage enemy IOWA


Navyfield2 T7 SS NF2


Navyfield2DD play IJN NF2


Navyfield2 T9BB Northcalolina NF2


Navyfield2 Jedi with platoon^-^


Navyfield2 indiana NF2


Navyfield2 T9BB Northcarolina platoon NF2


Navyfield2 NF2JP many room NF2


Navyfield2 platoon with HENTAI


Navyfield2 480k damage NF2


Captain Orrin


Ships, Stars, and Shenanigans! (Update video)


Captain nazilus


Navy Field 2 FTM NaziluS BB RN-Vanguard Gameplay


Captain Woody


Navyfield 2 APA Warfare



Captain Novastorm


Navyfield2 ISE game play


NF2 yamato gameplay 2



 Update 05/16:




NavyField 2 FTM&NF2JP Platoon 1


NavyField 2 FTM&NF2JP Platoon 2


Captain AB


NavyField2 Tier11 BB Iowa


 Update 05/25:


Captain Sparkles


NavyField 2: Royal Navy T11 SS Ep. 4


Captain TacoGER


NF2 CLIENT Release 2015 05 25 22 28 20 330 jamestaco TacoGER


NF2 CLIENT Release 2015 05 25 22 54 33 249 Tacoman


Captain yy


NavyField2 CHN YY T9SS 4KILL



-NF2 Team

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