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Replace Toggle Controls with Specific Key Controls

5/10/2015 3:51:25 PM
Avatar civileng

Currently, the following are controlled via toggle switches:

-Torpedo spread (Default toggle key N)
-Torpedo speed (Default toggle key H)
-Torpedo Proximity/Contact (Default toggle key Y)
-Forward/Rear/All guns (Default toggle key C)
-Gradual/Salvo (Default toggle key X)

Toggles are fine for low-frequency commands, such as switching between gradual and salvo (you choose that once in the beginning of the game and you're done with it), but I think having a 3-stage toggle for selecting guns is ridiculous, especially since NF2 is faster-paced compared to NF1. Please give us the option to bind specific stages to specific keys.

I'm sure that almost every player has had the experience of firing torps but not getting the spread, speed, or prox setting they were expecting. It's like putting the brake, accelerator, and the clutch of a car on a single pedal in the pursuit of simplicity. It's an unnecessary and time-consuming measure for us to have to verify our settings via the chatbox before firing:


I'd rather press a key, say, 'O', to set my torps to FAST and another key, 'P', to set it to SLOW. That way, I can enter my settings during fast-paced combat and be sure that the outcome will be the explosive results I expect, and not an embarassing slow-torp that the enemy DD contemptuously sidesteps while continuing to harass me.

I often operate the front and rear turrets of large ships seperately, such as on the Lexington 1922. And it drives me nuts that I can't readily know which of my guns are active because of the toggle switching. Readers, please leave a comment if you agree that toggles aren't the way to go!

At your earliest convenience, please update the keybind settings so we can have the option to have specific keybind selections instead of a toggle. It's not as if there is no space on the keyboard for further binds; There are at least 10 unused raw keys to accomodate the 5 or so new keybinds, and perhaps eighty more if you count SHIFT+KEY combinations. Since we are not constrained for keyspace I see no objection, if we assume time and resources are well spent on improving the quality-of-life for NF2 players.

Thanks for reading!

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