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An open letter to SDE about starting to fix this game.

5/12/2015 7:16:45 PM
Avatar Arksniper

So we all know that the game's player pop has dropped drastically from the initial launch and proceeding weeks and I have some suggestions for SDE and they are as follows:


Note: These are my personal opinions some of which have been echoed out trough the community as is. I think these are all resonable things that SDE could obtain in a short ammount of time with mininal effort (deppends on how bad the game is coded)


General Quality of Life


1.) Please for the love of god rework your forum system! Compared to NF1 and other games forum systems this one is a complete mess when it comes to looks and the overall break down of sub forums. It basically looks like someone’s first time at making a forum for a website. Some basic things you could add are nation specific sub forums, fix the god awful way posts are displayed and portioned (really a scroll box for long posts? come on now... and not to mention the way some pictures are displayed.) Also how about a clan recruitment section or a Region Specific forum section? Also how about a post preview function?


2.) How about updating your front page that still has events from weeks/months ago still listed? Like "Spread the word for Campaign Funds!" (Ended Feb 4), "Full Steam Ahead!" (Ended March 5th), "Change of Pace Event! & Researcher's Event" (Ended May 6). You have an event sub forum, how about you update that with the still relevant events?


3.) Why not fix the “Note” tab to “Messages or PM” and either do something with the “Buddy” tab or hide it till it is relevant.


4.) The Game Guide. This is just a disaster your honestly would be better off just using one of the several ones posted by players.


5.) Some Rules in the Rules Tab would be nice….


6.) Battle Record & Rankings would be nice.


Game Quality of Life


1.) I think many liked the way armor worked in NF being ship specific and no-expiration. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to do this in NF 2 the current system it just tedious where every 7 days you have to rebuy armor and it can’t even stack like airplanes. If your serious about keeping the current system at least let us buy a bunch of it and stack it or increase the time limit.


2.) As a CV driver it would be nice to be able to set planes/pilots to 1-7 in any order and defense guns to F1-F2. This keeps squads easily accessible and it would be easy to move around pilot flight order if plane stats are effected by pilot stats as you claim.


3.) TEST SERVER. Lol this kind of ties into number 2. You gave us the current caps for sailors the other day and it would be nice to have some sandbox to test the results as well as test patches before they go live and there are issues like those found in the XP update and other updates.

4.) Bugs/Crashes. Currently the game is highly unstable and it often crashes at load screens if you have been playing awhile or also tends to crash when changing captains or pulling up shipyards/lines. I don’t know if this is a super common issue but I seem to see/hear about it often enough specially when team members instantly blow up on the start of a match.


5.) Friends list cap really needs to be increased and/or revamped to show an account name and which captain they are logged on rather than possibly having 6 slots filled by 1 friend.


6.) XP. I know this is a hot button topic but I think you guys need to take a night hard and long look on how xp is calculated. To me it seems that there is either a soft cap or soft floor based on room size. This became more evident with the recent drop in players. I have had 300k games in full rooms yield 12k+ xp and others in 9 man rooms yield 8k. The same effort and damage was recorded but the values swayed far too much. I think the values might need a small increase from where they are currently.


7.) This ties into 6 and is a huge quality of life issue for new players. I have played 5 of my 6 captain slots and Tiers I thru IV are rubbish. You basically blow through 36% of the ship tree in 4 games. Even mastering those first 4 ships can easily be accomplished in less than 10 games and you have basically nullified the purpose of starting off in a DD ship and 36% of the ship tree. It sets a false precedent of how you will advance thru the rest of the lines.

Now don’t get me wrong here I understand exponential growth curves they are common place in every MMO however you do not have the ship tree research depth available to justify the experience required to obtain the first 4 ships. I would look at altering xp values and taking them down from the top end of the 11’s and redistributing them down thru let’s say tiers 1-8. This would help alleviate some of the major burn out issues currently experiences by T9’s and a good chunk could be thrown into the tier 8 research anomaly. I would argue that you need to at least extend the tier 1-4 grind by a good chunk at least maybe 10 games a ship rather than one and increasing as you advance.


8.) APAs. I think you could really do something innovative here with fleet support when fleet content comes around. Things like battle supply lines and islands could be an amazing area for expansion.


9.) Subs. Enough has been posted on this issue and I am still working on the sub line so I don’t have much of an opinion here. The one comment I will make is the issues of subs surfacing into bb’s and cv’s and being un-targetable aside from D.C.s.


10.) Tier XI BBs and endgame ballanceing in general. We know they need balancing and it is something that should be looked into but I would prioritize other fixes before I would start to harp on this one.


That is all I could come up with for the time being but I believe it would be a good start to making this game as successful as NF1.

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