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XP gain discrepancy in USN line

5/17/2015 9:03:16 AM
Avatar dfacto

I've noticed that the Brooklyn consistently outearns the NC and Northhampton by around 2k xp per game, no matter what.  Or rather, the xp gain for the NC and Ham are too low by about 2k xp.   Equal damage and kills in the three ships (lets say 150k and 3 kills) results in 7-8k xp for the NC and Ham, and 9-10k for the Brook.

This makes playing the brooklyn bearable, but makes the NC and Ham grind much slower and more frustrating.  It's also annoying that the reward system is obviously messed up and I get penalized by my choice of ship.

Has anyone else noticed this, or seen it in another ship line?  It's really bothering me.  NC is a lame ship and the xp drop compared to Brook makes the progression even more painful.

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