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Class tweaks to make perfect

6/5/2015 4:38:09 AM
Avatar Diabolik

NF2 being a modern MOBA, I propose the following tweaks to the different classes:

BBs are the TANKS of this game, so as is asked in another thread in general, giving them comparable DL to the CAs is the right move. I'd also give them a special speed nerf immunity to V class ( best/priciest class ) of Armors. Also, giving them 50% more ammo so they don't hesitate on a less than sure shot, or for ground pounding, which they hesitate to do right now, is advisable. To each class its role, BBs are usefull as long range detterents, ground pounders ( tho rarely used this way because of low ammo ) and shell/torps magnets as distractions and diversions for the main dmg dealers. You can't have them also be best at DPS at both close and long range, it would be game breaking for a modern MOBA.

CAs are the LONG RANGE SNIPERS/DPS of this game so they shouldn't have more tanking power than the BBs, get their DP down to middle of the road between CLs and BBs, 80-85k MAX on T11 after upgrades. That way they will stop being the "best at everything not AA or ASW" that they are right now and take their rightfull place as the long range snipers/dps class of this game. Such a change would help favor using their long range guns instead of their 6 inchers and would also help BBs as the CAs would be much less daring in their maneuvers and wouldn't rush on a whim.

CLs are the CLOSE RANGE RUSHERS/DPS of this game and they are just fine where they are now. In the wrong hands tho, they're just canon fodder, I can't remember how many times I've seen them captained in the wrongest kind of ways only to die without having done even 50k dmg when I did over 300k in the same game alongside them. And before asking for a nerf, when the enemy does its line of ships and stays disciplined its very, VERY hard for a rusher class to do its job and as the game and the players take in maturity and experience its gonna become EVEN HARDER, especially in fleet battles to come. CLs are dangerous when YOU MAKE MISTAKES. As long as you don't make mistakes, individually and as a team, current CLs are nothing more than a bump in the road as I've seen in many games when this discipline and teamwork happened and I was rendered totally powerless despite my best efforts and maneuvers or when I saw them caught with their pants down and obliterated or crippled by 8 inchers CAs with a few well placed shots.

Perfect glass canons ( their DP is barely higher than DDs, if at all at high tier ), kept at range they're EASY KILLS as their shells hang time at their long range ( 1800 meters, that's 400 less than CAs/BBs ) at very high angle is ludicrously high and easy as pie to dodge, people just don't dodge most of the time and die like fools or the DDs don't do their job of lighting them up for the Snipers and BBs to engage at long range, hence the maturity and experience factor/situational awareness and tactics/strategy will, in time, as well as fleet battles, prove that they aren't OP. Nerfing them now to offset this maturity and experience deficiency factor would prove to be overkill in the long run as most good mature and experienced players who have sunk me time and again in all the other classes of ships despite being one of the most proficient CL captains out there would tell you. Also good AA platforms for escort and DD detterence around the Snipers and Tanks.

DDs are the SURFACE ASSASSINS of this game, so a tad more speed/faster overheat recharge/longer overheat and slightly faster torps wouldn't hurt.

Subs are the UNDERWATER ASSASSINS of this game, sadly I haven't played them enough or seen them in action on the battlefield enough ( invisible ) to have a credible opinion/point of view on a tweak for them.

Same thing can be said about the SUPPORT CLASSES of this game, the CVs/APAs. My only recommendation would be to make the APA a healer.

So that way we'd have Tanks ( BB ), Close Range Rushers/DPS ( CLs ), Long Range Snipers/DPS ( CAs ), Assassins ( DDs/Subs ) and Support ( CVs/APAs ) all in their rightfull and balanced places.

Seamonette, LaRoyale

P.S.: Input on the "left out" classes would be most appreciated.

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