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Get a clue

6/7/2015 9:59:28 PM
Avatar Brotherevil

Maybee have the Dear Leader Kim-Jung-Ung give you guys a guidence tour on HOW TO DO IT RIGHT.

  1. 1. Bismarks that cant shoot their anti DD guns at DD's...(seriously, how long did it take to think that one up?
  2.  2. DD's that have more armor than a CA.....that one still makes me laugh everytime I see them take horrendous amounts of damage....(they were called tin cans for a reason)..oh, and the Bismark's cant shoot them.
  3. 3. The same torps doing DIFFERENT damage from a sub vs cl/dd....(magicaly get better or worse?)
  4. 4. APA's that outrun BB's....WOW.....35knts....Really?
  5. 5. Lines of sight....riddiculously SHORT vs what it should be..(simple math problem)
  6. 6. My Personal favorite...TELEPORTING.....WHY?  Its abused beyond all belief ingame, and takes a tactical/fighting withdrawl out of the picture....Just warp in front of them...gonna die, warp away....what is this Star Trek or NavyField2?

Maybee fix a few things like that before adding ships.


You guys are about to fall behind World of Ships at this rate.


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