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New Game Modes, fun but... Rewards issue

6/20/2015 2:15:26 AM
Avatar Diabolik

Well, just a reminder that in the new game modes, the reward system should be changed as to avoid wins where ships have contributed directly to the victory, but receives zero rewards. Just played one of those kill the enemy airfield before they get yours. We did plenty of damage to their airfield and won, but none of us received any rewards because we didn't shoot enemy ships.

So in different game modes, the rewards ought to ALSO be based on different "dmg points", like those earned when attacking ground targets, or landing troops AS WELL AS attacking ships subs and planes.

Just sounds "logical" to me. ;)

P.S.: I know there's the possibility of exploit there as the bases can be capped by 2 parties indefinitely without winning, racking up the points, but I know you can figure something out to reward the cappers and ground pounders without making it a exploit heaven.

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