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Server Undefined

6/21/2015 6:39:44 PM
Avatar DarkMidnight

Posting here because my ticket I have in has not helped whatsoever, and the bug report section hasn't seen GM attention in months. Maybe the community can be of better assistance than the devs? 


Tried to log in after updating recently. Took a break for other things, and missed about 4+ weeks. When I try to log in now, I get "That account is already logged in...etc etc etc" warning... This pops up before I even type in my information or before the login screen even loads mind you... After that, the login screen comes up with "undefined" listed as the server. When I try to change that, I get an error saying no server is available. If I try to log in anyways, it tells me to select a server. 


Notable information:


Not on steam

Have tried both as admin and not

firewall is NOT blocking it

Internet is fine, and the right ports are open

Used to work, but since updating, now it does not. Must be something in a recent "hotfix/patch"

Have reinstalled more than once now.


Checked for thsi error all over the internet and no solutions have been posted. Only info available is "Please submit a ticket". What they forgot to mention in that "submit a ticket" post is to tell you that the ticket really won't do anything anyways.


Anyone have a solution? I would much rather not use Steam for this, as it runs better on my computer when seperate, as I have always used it since launch.


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