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For RN: Replace the tier 10 Vanguard P with the KGV battleship (POW).

6/29/2015 3:55:53 AM
Avatar Ebenezer


The addition of new ships is always welcome.

However, I do hope that some of the new ships are just temporary placeholders for other ships.

The added new ships are just improved versions of the original ships (those added that have "1945" e.g. in their names and of course the Vanguard P)

It honestly does not make sense to go through the research tree twice to have the mastered "1945" version of the same ship.

With that in mind, please replace the tier 10 Vanguard P with the KGV / POW. There was no such ship as the Vanguard P, be it planned or built.

It seems reasonable to add the KGV / POW at tier 10, as it was one of the most advanced battleships the RN had in World War 2 and the Vanguard came after it.

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