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Long waiting time (Annihalation/Flagship) and revisit Amagi stats

6/29/2015 6:55:50 AM
Avatar IcedDeath

Hi this is just to notify/reconsider:

  1. I just experienced waiting for a game  for more than 30 minutes. I set my battle settings on annihalation/flagship cause I dont really like occupation that much (hehe).
  2. Please reexamine IJN Tier X Amagi stats. I do not think it deserves to be tier X , cost 900k+ exp and 1M+ credits and be used more than 1000x to get yamato. Since it has no recon plane, no added sight range and its defence level is just 6 (lower than nagato which is 9). Its only pro for me is that it has a higher damage output comparable to yamato and that is it. Please revisit Amagi stats and do what you guys are good at. Hoping to get a positive reaction from you dev's   

Thanks for the attention! :)

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