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no brainfull

6/29/2015 2:39:35 PM
Avatar Mirco67

in this moments when WOB starts for everybody, nf2 will closed! WHY?


Because you all gamemaker not use youre brain! You can't create a game for fun and pleasure.

This game do really not fun. I do it only because at this moment its no other warship game. Nf1 was really much better, but this laggs and crashes everytime was to bad.


First you make all dark, no visibility. SO i dont need a BB with great range.

second you make alltime so little battles with 5 or 10 players. in a little team has only 1 or 2 ships with Scouts, so bad light. WHy not make 20vs20 or 30 vs30???

third you make bb10 without scouts.

For me this all is so stupid, do not fun!

so nf2 will end when WOB starts, sure. For me and many people: i leave nf if wob starts.


You self will this so because you not will learn!


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