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USN T9 DD is trash. Needs DD equip, not tank. our goal is to not get hit....T9 takes em all because no power to manuever

6/30/2015 2:28:57 PM
Avatar Sappa83

First off lemme say, i love USA and DD ship line, also, this game ROCKS!  So i finally round up enough wealth to purchase my next tier DD on my USN T8, which has been my pride and joy since i achieved max upgrades for it(actually ended up with a little over an extra 500k exp before i raised the needed credits to move on to the next tier level, was ready to see more power in guns.  played 10-15 games and never even broke 100k dmg,i got close, no cigar tho and had trouble catching up to even subs,  outrun by all heavy hitters, and dds could circle me it seemed. i would feel unsatisfied on my t8 if i wasnt over 100k dmg(usually top 3 dmg dealer in whole war) and yet mostly untouched.  <--this takes practice and concentration


Heres the reason:

The T8 has 110 ship speed and 120 ship acceleraation equipment upgrades.  Of course as a DD, those are our only way to stay above water against the huge firepower comming from mid to max teir.


The T9 was built without any kind of viable options to keep safe, instead they come with something a sub might use, perhaps a large ship might, dunno...im a Destroyer captain.  I for 1, see 4000 ht pnts at this lvl useless, and in fact wont even cover the amount of hits u take because this DD is slower than everything high lvl.  yes big ships could gain on me, thats a first...


someone said the t9 has higher firepower, it does, but u get gunned down too fast to use it.  T8:924   T9: 939  <this is the what i grind many many hours for?   wouldnt see any difference anyways pfft 


So, can you please explain to me how this ship ended up with that equip upgrade rendering it slow and useless. whoever built the Gearing 1945 dont know how dds are used, i dont need that 4ooo health--i barely loose it as it is


PLZ FIX that t9 or take it out cause i just wanna be the best DD on the sea and i cant see myself grind 1.3 mill total exp for next ship...no fin way will i play that tiny, slow, unenjoyable ship.  too much dishonor.  

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