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[07/06] NF2 Ship's Log - Community Discourse of Future Plans

7/6/2015 2:42:08 PM
Avatar 관리자 gm

Dear NF2 Captains,


For the past several months following our launch, our team has been carefully working on improving Navy Field 2 in all aspects with great care taken to community feedback. We wish to continue our efforts and provide more of an opportunity for players to openly discuss where NF2 currently stands and what should be done as we navigate into the future.


Please utilize this thread to ask your questions and provide your thoughts on what you believe NF2’s greatest strengths are, what could use some work, and more importantly, what you would prioritize for the future. All meaningful questions will be answered, but please be patient as answers may take a few days to appear depending on difficulty.


To help kick things off, we wish to inform you of our current work schedule, drawing board plans, and important topics that we wish to hear your thoughts on.


- A Quest/Mission system will soon be launched. This will provide players a way to earn free Gold for completion of daily goals.


- Following completion of the Quest/Mission system, we will focus on preparing HA (Harbor Assault) content. This may take some time as it is not light-volume work. We will be taking great care in order to provide a bug-free experience. This includes a scheduled test phase by active fleets prior to launch. The first harbors will be provided to top-ranked fleets.


- Our Match-Making system is currently prioritizing +/- 3 tiers for BB and CVs. This is a necessary response with respect to the current game population and will be changed back to +/- 1 tier as soon as player numbers increase. What are methods that you believe could help new users give NF2 a chance?


- Past game balance tweaks have improved conditions, but we realize that balance is not yet ideal. Please share your ideas on ways improvements could be made in this regard at the following class-specific threads:


CV Class

CA Class

SS Class

DD Class

CL Class

BB Class


- Our recent web updates have been performed to improve the usability of our website and encourage discourse. We will continue to upgrade the website throughout the future.


- We are also planning to engage users in-game through random “pop-quiz” events. If you see a question asked by the system, be the first to respond with a correct answer for a reward!


We look forward to your responses and will update this post as necessary based upon answers provided.


Thank you for your support,


NF2 Team

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