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Debating about starting again

7/8/2015 12:23:06 PM
Avatar roquee

I played NF for many years, and I played NF2 for a little while back when it was just starting out. I liked the updated graphics and such, but I despised the constant noob-aiming (auto-aiming) and lack of skill it takes. Hitting 10/10 shots was pretty constant, unlike NF1 where it took skill and actual manual aiming to group shells at long distances to hit better, etc. (You'll know what I mean if you played.)


I'm wondering if they've added manual aiming and gave it a distinct advantage over auto, such as in NF1, or whether it's still as easy as it was when I played before? I don't really want to waste my downloading and stuff if it's the same.


Thanks in advance :)

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