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NF2 Community Showcase- Fellow captain's shared videos

7/16/2015 3:04:50 PM
Avatar 관리자 gm


Dear NF2 Captains,


Our team is thankful for all of the support provided by our community and have been especially grateful for all of our captains who participated in our past Share Your Moments Event.


We're happy to see that captains are continuing to share new videos with us through support and other means. In recognition, we are providing a significant Gold reward and are creating this thread to highlight new videos shared by fellow captains.


If you have a new video showcasing your own tutorial techniques, skills, or random funny NF2 moments, please send us a link through support so we can offer our gratitude and showcase your video.


This will be an ongoing feature thread; please stay tuned for updates.


-NF2 Team



How to Manual DB by ZeniaVeng


NF2 DD Project ~ USN T11 Gameplay by Talentz



 [NavyField 2] Mistakes Were Made by Bunnydakillr



Navy Field 2 : Monday Magic Box by Wednesday


More NF2 DD Gameplay! by Talentz



The Saturday Surprise by Wednesday

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