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Keeping this game alive

7/30/2015 11:52:04 AM
Avatar RedDiamond

According to SteamCharts.com the number of people playing this game is dropping slowly, but consistently. At the current rate, this game could be dead before the end of the year.

Why? I am convinced one of the major reasons is because new players find the early game too hard. We have a 48% positive review rate on the Steam Store. If this is going to turn around, new players need to be attracted and then to write positive reviews. So I suggest make it easier for new players to like this game.

The most common complaint I see in the negative reviews is new players complaining they can't compete with the high tier players. Two easy solutions to help these new players have a better time:

1) give them better tutorials -- you know the kind -- ones that you can actually read all the words. But also, add a new tutorial to teach them the role of a destroyer. Teach them to target airplanes, subs at depth and to dump torpedoes and then run from battleships.

2) give them stuff. It is only pixels, so give them some great pixels, like a total repair item they can use once per battle when they are below level 20 (or below Tier 5).

3) Fix all the badly translated stuff. I mean how simple is it to do that! It will give a much better first impression.


Lastly, if you haven't posted a postive review on Steam yet, do so now. Let's get back over 50% positive!

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