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Understandng Matchmaker

7/31/2015 2:01:07 AM
Avatar Bunnypuncher

Ok, im not a programmer, i dont go into specifics as far as CL vs CA vs BB vs SS or all that. thats fine. but will someone out there please tell me if this matchup happens to them too?

My team:

tier 9 IJN CL Kitakami (me)

tier 7 UK DD J class

Tier 4 IJN BB Katori

Tier 4 IJN DD Hatsuharu




tier 10 KM CA Prinz Eugan

Tier 8 US CL Worchester

Tier 5 IJN DD Yuguma

Tier 1 US DD Clemons


so my question is.... just how exactly is this a fair matchup? what mathmatics are involved? how is an undertiered torp boat supposed to balance a tier 10 gun running CA? and is this kind of crap happening to others too?


can post a screenshot of the game if required


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