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Not so cool

8/3/2015 9:25:02 AM
Avatar baddoggs1052

Today I was sunk by my flagship, Yep the one on MY side. Dude in a BB got hit by 1 torp from

an SS and went ballistic at the DD,s on his team. I suggested that he "calm down" so the [redacted]

shot me 3 times before the game ended, we won....

Next game here he is, flagship again, and starts to unload on me right at the start. I am in a DD

so it did not take long... 4 salvos from his BB and its all over. If this is the price to pay to get

a bigger game pop then F*ck it, it's not worth it. The outher players were stunned, all WTF.

The game pop was great before, the dedecated players who love the game are usually

Exellent in my exp, this bullsh*t will turn it into WoW in all its glory... 

I suppose we will see alot more of this in the future... Might be time for something else...

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