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What's wrong with X tier BB's?

8/6/2015 2:33:30 PM
Avatar BronxPL

Hi everyone!

I played NF1 for few years and after a long brake i started playing this one. In "normal" mmo game, if You reach high level hero, tank, airplane, etc. You have satisfaction, get more kills and keep survive much more in battle. This game is exception.

I can understand any better or worst ships in low-mid (V-VIII) tiers, but if you finally reach your penultimate BB you demand a lot from it! If you get poor Lexington, Hood or other one You'll skip it quickly. The X tier you'll not...  


Question 1: Why the X tier BB's have only 6 defense level? Its a joke?! DD's have the same! What can do high tier BB which gets 1000+ dmg from 5inch guns? nothing... last game Yamato almost one-hited me surprised


Question 2: Why did You added those BB's if they are almost the same as previous? eg. South Dacota - same guns as NC same speed, maneuverability and HP. 3-5% more? is it worth to make another tier and setting them to earn around 5 000 000 exp to the next one? I dont think so.


When i think about playing 3 times more than in the previous, my blood is flooding. I've got South Dacota and compared to NC its unplayable. I can't believe people playing Amagi, this floating barn haven't scouts o0 gl playing it. Is there any chance to fix it? Otherwise I see no point to keep playing.


P.S. Im sorry for my english, its not my main language :)

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