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DD Review: Tier 10 by Talentz

9/10/2015 10:53:06 AM
Avatar Talentz

Hello and welcome back to another edition of my on-going DD review. Today's review will look at the best tier for DDs, Tier 10. Tier 10 DD overview: Where's T9 was by far the worst Tier for DDs, T10 sits at the top of DD power projection. All nations DDs have some edge over other nations DDs in there respective role. There speed is about Avg when compared through out the DD line, however, there gun DPS, Torp DPS, Def lvl and agility make this class just as much fun as they are deadly. Some nations traits are switched up a bit making for a very well balanced Tier.

As for the tier 10 class in general, just as with T9, all ships pose major threats and can easily defeat a DD when used smartly. Although DDs do have great power at T10, dont let it get to your head. You can and almost certainly will get rekt many times before you reach end tier, T11.

And so, those raw numbers:

Speed** = 4 bulkhead/gold rep/gold boiler. Best armor configuration for all DDs..

Name/# of guns/Shell Dmg/Rld time/Acc/Speed*/torp layout/DP/ Gun DPS/ Torp DPS - Numbers are in full research config


KM Z1942/2x4/858/4.07/C/40-48/2x4/42,599/1686/1354

USN Somers/2x4/854/4.31/C/40-48/4x3/42,599/1585/1849

UK Tribal/2x4/901/4.31/C/42-51/1x4/43,042/1672/1025

IJN Shimakaze/2x3/862/4.31/C/40-48/43,403/1200/2543


So, lets get right too it!!


KM: The Z at Tier 10 is not a bad ship. It moves from a 2x3 gun layout to the better 2x4 (2 guns forward, 2 aft). Although per shell dmg is decreased by nearly 33%, its best in class RLD retains best gun DPS and an improvement over T9. However, it does not have the heaviest broadside of T10 class. That belongs to UK's Tribal. Another thing you'll notice is tied for class worst DP. Somthing KM is not known for. Keeping the 2x4 torp layout, the Z is a balanced ship. Agility is noticely improved over lower tier classes. Although not quite as good as other T10s, its still "feels" better.  This ship combines fast rld and avg torp broadside to make a ship that can deal with most threats it comes across. Its basically the typical playstyle gunship that your use too. Sailing this ship makes you feel like your right at home, KM playstyle wise.


UK: Tribal is a breath of fresh air for UK DD drivers. After the lackluster N class, you move into the fastest ship of T10 class. Also, Tribal has the heaviest broadside of its class. It has 2nd best DP and good agility, although not the best. Its speed, def lvl, broadside and DP make it top class in anti-dd/surface ship role. Though, this all comes at a price... Tribal continues the 1x4 torpedo layout. Which at T10, is just horrid stupid. Also, it has less torp DPS because of a slightly slower RLD as compared to T8/9 N Class. Unable to be effective vs same or higher ships, Kiting becomes your best friend. Overall, Tribal is strong DD that can spread a battlefield and deal with most smaller ships it comes across. With its speed and gun power, it also makes for one of the most annoying DDs to deal with. Things are finally looking bright for UK DD players.


USN: Somers at T10 brings some great times to USN DD drivers. It boosts 2nd best torp DPS with a 4x3 layout. Its middle of the road speed and gun DPS combined with 2nd best in class agility make for one of the most balanced ship layouts in the game. Though it does have tied for worst DP in class. Overall, it has the gun DPS to deal with all but the most heavy gunships out there and with 12 torps, can put fear in all but the highest tiered ships. Best gun range and mussel velocity + torp power equates to the funnest DD since Mahan.


IJN: Shimakaze brings to IJN DD players one word: VINDICATION!  The Kagero grind will disapper from your minds within the first 2 mins upon using this DD. Which is right about the time when you 1 hit your first high tiered BB and send him crying to the forums. Yep! Welcome to the "1 hit club". Shima brings to the table the most powerful Torpedo broadside of any DD. Fifteen 9440 dmg torpdeos will make quick work of nearly any ship in game. With enough Criticals, you can 1 hit a T11 BB at full health, provided the torpedo god is on your side. Shima does have one oddity that the other nations don't have. Its gun DPS is the same as T9. It does get best in class DP and retains best in class agility. In fact, its agility is so good, you can actually dodge CA stupid accurate shells at mid-range with skill. With the torpedo power this ship carries, you'll need all the agility you can get. As you are a marked target for sure. Shima makes for some crazy high attack games when used correctly. Welcome to the world of Shima IJN DDers, where Revenge is a dish best served with 15 torpedos in your side!!


And, lets look at how they stack:


T10 DD vs other DD:

UK: Tribal has the speed, gun DPS, del lvl and DP to deal with any DD aside from two of them... and those two are T11s...

KM: The Z can gun duel with most DDs not named Tribal or Z1942-1945.

USN: While Sommers shouldn't be expected to when gun duels with the other high tiered DDs, that doesn't mean its easy pickings... that would be a grave mistake should you come across a skilled DD player...

IJN: We know Shima won't win a straight up gun duel... but its high DP and agility can pull the rug under you while your not looking. Its not as easy as you might think...


T10 DD vs other T10s:

USN: With a good combination of gun and torp DPS, Sommers is overall the best T10 DD. It is a multirole DD that is a jack of all trades, master of none.

IJN: Shima's torp power is so scary good, you'll think your unstopable. Until a gunship runs you down and the lack of gun DPS suddenly starts to matter. Oh well, to each there own trade. When used correctly, it can easily turn the tide of a losing game.

KM: The Z is a good DD. But good doesn't translate to 12 torp broadside. That about sums up the Z at Tier 10. Its a less agile, lower torp DPS, better gunship then Somers. Still fun and quite deadly in the right hands, just not as much as the two above it...

UK: So here comes Tribal and UK is still at the bottom?! Listen, Tribal is not the offensive DD as those above it. But, it doesn't have to be. A well played Tribal wins by team play and keeps the DDs above it in check. Because if the 3 ships above come across a skilled Tribal, they WILL be at the bottom of the ocean hoping... they don't come across you again.


So, that's a wrap for T10. T11 is right around the corner. Will it live up to its Tier Hype?... Until next time!!


My experiance playing DD: At this tier, each nations DDs have there own playstyle that you should have been mastering for the past six tiers. You should be confident in your skills and understand your role in every game. Somers is an all around DD. The Z can outgun Somers, but has a harder time with other higher tiered classes. Shima can Rekt most ships it comes across. If Tribal happens to be one of those ships, then its going to be Rekt. So, the circle comes full around. Play your nation's DD to its best role and enjoy the power of high tiered DD. This is your time to shine, go out and make it happen!


Thanks for reading,



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