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New Mexico nerf may be too severe

9/13/2015 12:07:53 PM
Avatar civileng

Hi everyone, Wednesday here.

The player FinishGos mentioned to me that the New Mexico was too heavily nerfed.
I offered to investigate the matter and report it to the forums.

The following picture depicts the New Mexico 14'' gun spread at 30 degrees. It also depicts a
heavy cruiser attempting to enter the hangar of a CV Enterprise from behind, no doubt to
appropriate all the precious booty within.

On board are 5 maxed accuracy gunners (481 acc total), with 200% morale across all of them,
with manual control and the 5% accuracy-boosting ship support item. That is, the [known-to-be]
highest possible accuracy stat achievable short of purchasing a 10% gold accuracy booster.

"The spread is bad." -Wednesday, Sept 10, 2015

In my opinion, the 15% accuracy nerf was supposed to prevent players from equipping reload
gunners while still blockshotting (a blockshot is a NF1 term that describes a perfectly tight spread
of shells). However, the correction seems to be overzealous - now it's not possible to blockshot
anymore even at maxed accuracy.

Having tested the NM, I'm inclined to agree with FinishGoose and Howie that the nerf goes too
far in the opposite direction. I've never seen a 16'' gun blockshot at max range, but I do expect
14'' guns to be able to blockshot eventually, given enough morale.

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