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More Game Modes

9/16/2015 7:59:55 AM
Avatar SamuraiZebra

We know the devs are dealing with Harbour Assaults right now.


Eventually It would be nice to see something like the following:


Tier 9+ only games.  Obviously once population increases after HA's come out.


I'd also like to see some custom games, similar to the 'Normal' game modes of nf1 where you get improved xp rewards.

You could decide to have BB/CA only BB/CV  etc...


World at War

Like the nf1 version rewards are increased, but the penalties for getting your ship sunk should be a larger credit loss. The battle also features lower ability cap, thereby rending ships, faster and more accurate etc...


The idea of WaW, High Tier and 'Normal' game modes are for high tier ships to level up quickly (especially for the t10-11 and eventual t11-12, which may be horrendous) but also to experience the game differently.


Who's with me?

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