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My general feelings about this game

9/21/2015 6:54:30 AM
Avatar stefino

Hey guys. I'd like to write here some observation what I do in this game. 


1) So the first. Ships crossings. I mainly mean if someone ride "under" second ship. If I give the example. SS shoot to BB and undive. The next , this SS ride through the BB to take time to draw an air an take time to reload torpedos. BB has no chance to shoot SS and SS has no penalty for this "unfair" gameplay. The next example - BB vs DD. My today situation. Fast DD ride near BB and launch torpedos. It took me 3/4 HP. DD  ride through my BB - I have no chance to kill him and he - has no penalty again and shoot my by his guns - mainly with critical hits. 

So - try to make some crossing penalty. If there are players what doesn't know drive their ships without crossings - it is their problem. And this penalty sole problem with unfair crossing-play.

2) There is a topic about demage of the ship vs. its speed, repair ability atc. I fully agree with this topis. It will make the game more difficult and interesting.

3) Adding HA or Fleet battles. I know that you work at this but the game need it.

4) CA demage. CA demage is still quite big. We counted that boostet CA can give bigger demage than BB. And there is fact, that CAs have better ACC than BBs and faster reload. 

5) Shell's graphic. The next interesting think in this game. The first ship fires shells and these shells fly prettily together and then...50% of these shells fly through the ship into the sea. The second ships fires shells - they fly awfully and hit the target more then the first ship. That is guite discouraging too. I have feeling that bigger morale is useless cause I have pretty "blockshot" with less target-hit than basic 120% morale sailors.


I think that's all. Try to make somethink - mainly with article 1. Thx


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