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[10/01] Southern Seas Event Notices

10/1/2015 2:34:40 PM
Avatar 관리자 gm

Greetings Captains,


Now that the Southern Seas Event period has officially started, we hope all captains are making the most of the events. With that in mind, we will post clarifications and answers to a few of the questions being received about the event in this thread.

1. Battles Played Count (revised): In order for players to be counted for participating in a battle, (1) they must be in battle for at least 3 minutes and (2) they must make at least 1 attack point or down at least 1 aircraft.


The event system will tally the battles played per captain on each account separately. The battles of all captains belonging to a single account will not be combined.


2. Gold Pay Back: All Gold purchases made during the event period (October 1st - October 28th) will result in a 20% extra Gold being set on a user account. This does not apply retroactively or for any purchases made after the event period.


3. Platoon Farming: We have received concerns over the possibility of users forming platoons for the sole purpose of increasing their event win tally. We certainly do not wish to dissuade platoon play, but we may issue warnings if players are explicitly shown to be trying to find an unfair advantage against others.


4. NF Crystals: For players unfamiliar with the NF Crystal, it is a pure glass trophy weighing in at over 730g. It contains a blue LED-lit base and showcases a featured NF2 vessel suspended in 3D within. NF Crystal winners will receive their crystal at random out of the available types. NF Crystals are not offered for individual sale at this time. 


The following are images of an NF1 Crystal Trophy (the NF2 Crystal Trophy may differ slightly in appearance).


Don't forget that the sailor skill reset has also gone into effect! Please reorganize your sailors carefully to make the most of this reset opportunity and please enjoy the rest of the Southern Seas Event!


Thank you for playing Navy Field 2,


-NF2 Team

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