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10/8/2015 1:37:23 AM
Avatar SamuraiZebra

I received an inbox of the following issue about email verification, which may or may not be related to the server lag issue.

The player 'Prefect' can't send you a ticket because he can't verify his email.


"Please make a post on forums alerting TNF to the fact that new users cannot verify email, the verification email system doesn't work. I tried: 

live email
2 diferent gmails
yahoo mail
personal work email
about 5 temporary email services

none work, people who say I need to just use a different or better one are full of shit. I can't send in a support ticket to GM or anything''


Sent him a link to the post above about verification.

p.s Send my wage packet via paypal to my email address (will accept gold, 10k should do it)   

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