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Hello, All!

11/30/2014 6:05:22 AM
Avatar EchelonHawk

Hey there. I cannot wait for NF2. Cannot wait to play the game and get started. I used to play NF 1 for a while enjoy it but got busy with other games and what not. Excited to get into this. Hope everything goes well.


Good luck GM team. Doing a good job so far. I rather a good game then a good website. Do not let the nay sayers get to you.


Just some info about me... umm.

I play a lot of different asortment of games. Mostly PC.

Really big nerd and geek.

Love anime and a brony.

23 years old.

-shrugs- Do not know what else to say.


If anyone is interested in grouping up to play in the beta I have a teamspeak to use as a general chat. Most likely going to be starting up a clan of sorts if this game goes well. Just send me a PM (or errr "note" as it is called on here) or reply if you are interested in this. GMs are allowed to come as well.


Well, until next time.


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