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Best CA?

11/11/2015 12:25:31 PM
Avatar civileng

I finished my Iowa and it's time to try out the CA line.

Can any experienced CA players in the NF2 community provide some advice on which nation I should choose? I'm concerned with the endgame benefits of the T11 Baltimore compared to the T11 Mogami; that is, the kind of information you can't learn from the ship tree information alone, such as turn radius, gun spread, and size. Which is more accurate at long range, and which has the better AA shell turret positioning? For example, the CV10 Lexington has a ton of 5'' dual turrets, but they're placed all around the perimeter of the deck which makes them really bad for AA, since the salvoes are shaped like "wide rectangles" and only one or two will fire at the right spot when countering dive bombers.

I've heard the KM's Prinz Eugen and Deutchsland are really nice ships too.

Any thoughts on the matter are appreciated!

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