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If you have time to read this.

12/1/2015 10:54:26 AM

People overhyped  for HA.

Ya right because Harbor Assault would bring more people to this game "sarcasm-off", lets make the things clear, the game needs an huge change, World of Warships is a strong rival, now a better version of it arrived to Steam called "Steel Ocean" who gathers (copied) the good of both worlds the graphics of WoW and the mechanics of Navyfield + Subs.

Why you Devs don't copy content from other games? Why you guys don't add more content from previous version of NF1?

Why is this game so abandoned?

Add new missions, new gameplays (new mode with respawn or choose 2 ship,normal battle 3 rounds), Get rid of the waiting time in lobby looking for a battle and ending in a unfair battle (what if you make rooms instead of that cruel matchmaking system), add new ships "to help your bussines you can add VIP sister ships who deals 20% more damage or speed or armor or even better Exp Gain, with nice sprites and are exempt of user level or grind (in this you can win double converting Exp to freeExp)"; Add a new upgrade system for ships (the current one is ridiculous and very expensive for new players) can you bring the old one from NF1?, add a trade system after revamping the upgrade system.

I can keep writing all day long, but I feel that Devs are going to ignore this.



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