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[12/09] Maintenance Notice 9PM - 2AM PST (extended 1 hour)

12/8/2015 8:10:27 PM
Avatar 관리자 gm



Dear NF2 Captains,


The NF2 server is scheduled to go down for routine maintenance this Wednesday evening. During this maintenance period the following updates are planned:


1)  Mastership reward system will be added.

When a player masters a ship within the research tab, the player will receive a Gold reward automatically in accordance to the following:


1~4 tier - no Gold reward
5 tier - 100 Gold reward
6 tier - 150 Gold reward
7 tier - 200 Gold reward
8 tier - 300 Gold reward
9 tier - 500 Gold reward
10 tier - 750 Gold reward
11 tier - 1000 Gold reward


*Classes will not matter 


  1. ex) if a player masters a tier 11 BB and tier 5 CL, then the player will receive 1100 Gold. 


*Players who already have completed master ship status for existing ships will get the same rewards after log in.



2) In-game Tutorial will be enhanced.

Now, the tutorial contains more detailed information and provides enhanced rewards for new players.



3) Due to these patches, the maintenance time will be 9 PM to 2 AM PST.


Thank you for your support,


NF2 Team


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