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ICBM fleet, plz don't steal our accounts to feed your points!!!

2/13/2016 7:01:28 AM
Avatar x01y02

Do you know how ICBM got the highest rank points? Now I know how.

One of my friend borrowed his high level account to his ICBM friend a few months ago. My friend didn’t play often since he changed his job. These days he wanted to play again during his vacation. However, his password didn’t work. Fortunately, his email works fine. Password got recovery. When he login, his captain joined ICBM and name had been changed. All his friends were deleted and ICBM members instead. Good news is his captain still alive. Just have to pay 1200 gold for changing name back. However, he actually lost 2400 gold and all friends, didn’t he?

There is less players in our fleet. But we don’t want to grow up our points by stealing accounts. We can’t judge someone, just want to warn other players. Consider AGAIN before you make friends with ICBM.

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