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make it a noob friendly game

3/3/2016 5:30:02 AM
Avatar Ponaftes


Seems most new players that try this game face some ugly matches where a t11 ,fully upgraded/buffed/lvled maxed to the teeth, 1 shots them all the time while some gentle players let them do some dmg for the exp/credits so they dont end up with 0 gain on grind.The small community has come to understand that new players are needed to this game more than fleet battles or balance issues or new content. 

Well since all the content here is pvp in its purest form ,how about fixing that mm where we wont face the same superplat over and over again , or try the example of other pvp games where they separate high tier/level players from low ones.What if t11 had a battleground to themselves while low tier/lvl had their own? wouldnt that not only encourage a new ,fresh ,player to stay on the "grind" while actually having fun?


Thaught on that plz

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