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Increase armor on all ships + other improvements

4/2/2016 1:59:21 AM
Avatar lukemus

What i've seen in this game lately is that the ammount of damage you take is very big meaning the battles are very quick and in my thought, not as fun being that you really only have a chance against the same tier as you and any lower tier dies to you.

as of this i am here to give the devs my idea on how to improve this game to make the matches more of a challenge.

now, overall there needs to be an armor increase, maybye there will be a boost of armor overall on all ships, this will make the matches go for much longer and more intense, in my eyes this will be good for the new players because in matches you always see them steamlining into the enemy force, with an armor boost they will be punished without being destroyed in one shot. an armor boost will make the fights much longer and intense, you may say that making more armor makes it less inportant to hit them on point but i think that it would make it better necause every shot counts.

get rid of torpedoe team damage

you don't have to get rid of bullet team damage but getting rid of torpedoe team damage would be amazing, its annoying when one troll joins a game and torpedoes you aircraft carrier and battleships leaving your team useless. its no good, i might mean to take care of where you torpedoe as a light cruiser or a destroyer but its annoying more than effective.

battleship longer reload

the battleships should do way more damage but have a giant penalty of a giant reload, im a battleship players mostly but it would make alot more strategy if battleships fired slow but did alot of damage the team would have to communicate with eachother, saying how long till shot and such, it would also mean that battleships aren't always the king, lets just say they fire and there alone then the destroyers would now they can get in and the shots from the battleships would be more devastating like they are in reality, i can foresee the kind of strategy through teams with a longer reload.

battleship or aircraft carrier flagship

the flagship should not be random, its annoying when a tier 1 is the flagship and doesn't know what to do, it would be more useful to the role on a battleship or aircraft carrier, i say this because these ships lead the team and without them your team is screwed, so, them having the role would lead to those bases to be more well used than a tier 1 destroyer.

setting the ammount of shots:gradual

wouldn't it be great if we could set the ammount of shots fired when in gradual mode, istead of firing one we could choose 2 or 3 or however many you want, this would be very useful for a battleship in engagements, and i can see it being useful for other ship types to.

i hope some of these ideas make into into the game, it would be great to see this studio listening to their fans in how to improve the game.

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