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So... You will be back.

10/10/2017 12:59:49 PM
Avatar baddoggs1062

I am intrested to know, if (a big one) NF2 returns, How will we be informed.

I have about 8k of gold stored in my 2 acc, in the hope of fleetwars becoming a thing

so i would have resorces. I know i will loose that, no question. Most has come by way

of comps in the game so.. Given that i lead the number 1 fleet in the game i ask, will

i get an e-mail or will i just have to "get luckey". Because my fleet has t/s i have contact

info for many members and i can get many back if substancial changes have been made.

I would recommend to the Dev's to keep the contact info from at least the top 5 fleets

as we all have this capability and can get players back fairly quickly.

                                     Rgds: Fluffy, Leader ANZAC Fleet.

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