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1/3/2018 6:05:51 AM
Avatar ATMahan

Before any major changes, the stability must be addressed!!!

Lag all the time, seems worse with multiple humans instead of just 2. Tends to get noticeably better when half the ships are sunk and/or the other human/s are sunk or lagged out etc ... Then it tends to get worse under 5 mins to go on the clock, mostly leading to freezing. Today lag into freezing has been the norm in over half the battles I've been in. Stops, then maybe 10 secs and the clock advances 1 sec ... I stayed in the first one for over 10 mins and nothing. Just to see if it would recover. Am playing on minimal graphics (low all and x0 antialias, with music off) to see if it helps. Maybe even worse now so probably not a factor. 

After reducing awards per battle and with all these playability issues not addressed to reasonable solution, you are killing this game despite the pledge to continue support. I understand if we are now on the backburner and the red-headed stepchild in your group of games, but just let us know you are aware and that there maybe solutions coming.

Thank You

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