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ATT: Potential new players.

1/13/2018 11:09:18 AM
Avatar baddoggs1062

Hi all, I am "fluffy" leader of ANZAC fleet and a "pre steam" original player.

I make this post as a sort of "community announcement". Out of the thousands of players

who used to play there are about 5-6 of us left. The reason? Lag and crashes have ALLWAYS been a 

"feature" of this game, I have NEVER seen it as bad as it is right now. Since a mini patch at christmas time

the game has gone from reasonably stable to UN PLAYABLE. I still log on most days and try to play but

it is impossible to get 2 matches in a row that don't lag so bad you have to quit or just flat out crashes.

The dev's are still selling gold to the more gullible players, Don't buy it, you will never get the chance to use it

with the game in the state it is now. Ship skins now have an expiry date but the worst thing by far is the 

XP/Credit rewards have been halved. What this means realisticaly is, Instead of taking weeks/months to grind 

the higher level ships it will take months years.... New players won't stand a snowball's chance in hell against players

whom allready have high tier ships... If the lag/crashes actually let you play.....

The choice is yours of course, there is no point in appealing to the dev's as they abandoned this forum and have NEVER

supported the steam forums. In 4 or more years they have not even botherd to complete this site! 

This is a FANTASTIC game, but due to dev abandonment, it is close to un playable.

Nerfing the speed of all ships then cutting rewards by half will truly finish this poor game off. Forget thinking

they will eventually fix it, they have made NO effort at all in nearly 2 years. Play if you want to, i still try  ha ha,

If i see you in game i will show mercy to newbies but that will not really help given the current state of the game.

                                                Rgds: Fluffy, Leader ANZAC fleet.

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