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Launcher issue resolved! Navy Field 2 is Online!

12/10/2014 11:45:35 PM
Avatar 관리자 gm

The launcher issue has now been resolved. Please run the launcher once more and it should now connect properly and update as intended. You should then be able to play. Thank you for your patience and we are deeply sorry for the last-minute hiccup.


Please enjoy the very first battles of Navy Field 2!




[UPDATE] Our team is resolving a last-minute issue that is preventing the client from updating properly. Please be patient as we work to resolve this ASAP. This thread will be updated as soon as the issue is resolved.


Thank you for your patience




NF2 Captains,


We know some of you may be eagerly anticipating launch and we just want to let you know to expect a 20-30 minute delay so you don't get your hopes up. 


Please expect the server to be open around 12:30 PST. That's less than an hour from now!


Thank you for being among the first to try out the new Navy Field 2

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