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Balance Discussion

Credit income from battle vs Cost price for ships!

12/12/2014 6:45:48 PM
Avatar Profje



The balance of the income of credits ageinst the cost price of a ship need to be fixed.

Note: I use Premium account and Premium credit aide officer (gold one 15procent)


I playing with Nevada 1916 and get 1k credits avarage each battle, my next ship cost 120k credits, So that would say i need to do 120 battles to get the tier 7 battleship?

What about tier 8? 398k credits needed, Let say you get 1.5K each battle you would need 265 battles for the tier 8 battleship, If you even get 1.5K credits.

Just ask you're self SDEnterNET 120 battles for a tier7 ship is it not to much? 50-70 would do i think?

Also 4.382.530 exp and 2,240,580 credits for the top tier? that awey to much also it wil take 2 months to get from tier 9 to 11



This all need be reconsidered becaurse this can and wil destroy the game ;(

For the rest i realy love this game allready


Greats Profje

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