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12/16/2014 12:40:22 AM
Avatar jehsong


Hi all.


first of all, my primary language is not English, so I may use wrong grammar or stupid words. Please don’t be too offended when you see these, it’s just not my intention.


  • DD,CL



① IJN : Has relatively weak gun power but its tremendous torpedo launchers are the one of the biggest threat to large ships in NF2. Especially, Shimakaze, the 11th tier ship can easily knock down any enemy ships in just single launch cycle if they succeeded to get close,

② KM : has superior gun power among the other countries’ DD. Can easily compete with even CL class ships.

③ RN : specialized in taking care of submarines. It has better chance in detecting submarines through sona and can drop four depth charges while others can drop only three.

④ USN : has average ships. Not specialized in certain part.


⑤ Torpedoes :

Contact mode – will damage the ship on contact

Prox mode – will damage the ship when it gets close enough to a ship but it contains lesser damage compare to Contact mode.


⑥ Contact mode has shorter safety range than prox mode.

⑦ Fast mode will make torpedoes travel shorter than slow moded torpedoes.

⑧ DD class ships take only 50% damage from all kinds of torpedoes.

⑨ Torpedoes won’t harm its original firer in any way, even splash damages won’t harm its firer and your torpedoes will simply ignore your present by running through your ship like you are not there. Though CV will take damages from torpedoes fired from its torpedo bombers.

⑩ Low tier DDs have no depth charges but only sea mines. After tier 4 DD can equip their depth charges replacing sea mines through ship modification window.

⑪ Depth charges will damage only submarines even its depth is set to 0.

⑫ Depth charges will damage submarines with 100% damage when it is set to exactly same depth to submarine’s and only 50% damage to submarines at +- 1 depth.

  1. eg) When depth charge blows at depth 5 and submarine’s depth is 5 too. Then submarine will take full damage.

when depth charge blows at depth 5 and submarine’s depth is 4 or 6 then submarine will take only the half damage

No damage will be taken if depth difference is greater than 1.

⑬ Sona ability (from special officers) will only shortens its cool time. Does not effect its detection chances.

⑭ If a submarine is detected, a red circle will be spawned with approx depth level stated (1-5 or 6-10 or 11-15)

⑮ There are no ways you can damage submarines other than dropping depth charges even when they are detected and their depth is deeper than 1.

⑯ CL cannot drop depth charges but they do have a sona.

⑰ Putting side armors will greatly increase DD and CL class ships’ survivabilities. It prevents you from getting one shot by battle ships while you approaching them.

⑱ Most of CL class ships (except IJN) show its worth when taking care of air planes.

⑲ IJN CL Kitakami can send 40 torpedoes in single launch cycle.




① CA class ships have powerful anti air automatic gun (look like .50 calibres). It will melt down any planes passing near by.

② It has the highest capturing power (except APA) among combat ships.




① KM : Torpedoes travel faster than other countries. Higher torpedo damage compare to the other countries but total damage is below average due to lesser launch slots. Can dive deeper. Contains more oxygens.

② IJN : The last tier submarine fires all of its torpedoes through front launchers. By this advantage IJN last tier SS is considered has the best fire power.

③ RN : Can travel 1~2 knots faster which is a huge advantage compare to other countries’ SS. Theoretically, it has best fire power by having 10 launcher slots in total but the launchers are divided by front and rear. Since It is considered harder to get a hit through rear launchers its fire power is next to IJN last SS.

④ USN : USN version of RN SS without speed advantage. but has little larger visible range.


⑤ Sight range will gets smaller as you dive deeper

⑥ Cannot overheat the engine while underwater (can overheat when surfaced)

⑦ Cannot capture a strategic points.

⑧ Cannot put any armors on.

⑨ You will contain more oxygens as engine ability (from support officers) increases

⑩ Can fire its torpedoes only when its depth level is 0 or 1.

⑪ Invisible when its depth level is 2 or higher.

⑫ Oxygen will be recharged when the SS is surfaced (depth level 0). Recharging rate is about 3sec worth of oxygen per second.

⑬ Emergency submerge and emergency surfacing have cool time of one minute. These will get your ship to the deepest depth or surface at very fast speed. You cannot stop it once it is activated.

⑭ You will be visible and can be damaged from all source of damages when your depth level is 0 or 1.




  • not much to tell really. Only thing that's between good and bad BB player is whether you control your turrets individually by mount control or not.
  • Pressing X will makes your turrets fire sequentially,


adjust your aim by moving your front turret aim circle > fire your front turret > readjust your aim by moving your rear turret aim circle > fire your rear turret.




  • Pressing C will makes you to have control of each turret.


Choose one turret by one for better accuracy.




if you get used to these then you are a good BB player period.



  • CV is so complicated but I am most experienced in it.I can provide many good tips. I will make another thread for it.




General Tips.


      1. you can relocate your ship between strategic points and your bases (small donut thing floating around the sea). Strategic points should be captured over half to activate relocation (destination points should be captured over half too). When capture points is over the half then you will see the relocation icon is being activated under the blue capture bar)


  1. You can choose relocation points by pressing ‘M’ key. Every 10 seconds spawn time refreshment.


  1. You need to be located inner red circle of strategic or bases and your speed indicator should be 0 to activate relocation.


  1. If you have your planes flying around then you will not be able to activate relocation. You need to pull them back to your ship.


  1. Relocation has 1 minute cool time.


  1. You will be invincible for 8 seconds when you are just teleported to any destinations.

If you relocated to strategic points, you will not able to fire your gun,torps or plane ready for 8 seconds too.

If you relocated to bases, you will able to fire your gun,torps or plane ready without any delay.


  1. You can stack your same items by simply just drag one of them to another. Duration will be summed up.


  1. Win – Lose conditions



- All enemy ships are destroyed

- 15 minutes has passed and more number of your team survived.


- All ally ships are destroyed

- 15 minutes has passed and more number of enemy team survived.

- Quitting before the round is ended.



- 15 minutes has passed and each team has same number of ships survived.

- Disconnected from server (no morale penalties but no rewards too)


  1. keep updating



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