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[12/22] Patch Notes for December 22nd Maintenance, 10PM -1AM PST *Updated* (Server is up)

12/19/2014 11:16:00 AM
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Due to the holiday season, the regularly scheduled server maintenance for the next two weeks will be moved from Wednesday evening to Monday night. So, please make note and plan your play accordingly as maintenance will be performed at these dates and times:


December 22nd 10 PM to December 23rd 1 AM (PST)


December 29th 10 PM to December 30th 1 AM (PST)


*Server maintenance may be finished quicker than scheduled, so please check our announcement section.


These are the patch notes for this week's upcoming maintenance:


1) Contribution system will be changed. - Contribution system determines the player's performance in battle and calculates the battle result and rewards after battle.


- The actions necessary to receive contribution points will be reduced.

          This should result in a fairer rewards system.


- It will be easy to achieve a higher contribution rank if each class performs in accordance to their roles. For example:

          DD: Anti-Submarine, occupation

          CL: Attack points against ships; AA; occupation

          CA: Attack points against ships; AA; occupation

          BB: Attack points against ships

          CV: Attack points against ships and aircraft; occupy the base by transport

          SS: Attack points against ships

          APA: Occupy


- This patch will allow each class to have a fair chance at achieving a higher contribution rank.



2) Destroyer


- The following DDs' torpedo launcher will be changed:

          IJN DD Minekaze Type M: 3 -> 2

          IJN DD Mutsuki Type M: 2 -> 3



3) Light Cruiser


- Ship turning speed of CL will be increased.

- Overheat time of CL will be increased.

- Overheat cooldown of CL will be decreased.




4) Carrier Vessal


- The following ships' capacity will be increased:

          IJN CV Hosho: 312 -> 390

          IJN CV Ryujo: 546 -> 598


- The following ship's shell capacity will be decreased

          KM CV Prject AIII 320 -> 240




4) Submarine


- The following submarines' speed will be increased


Tier 5 -> 20% up

Tier 6 -> 15% up

Tier 7 -> 10% up




5) Bug Fixes


- Fleet tag folder guide text has been adjusted

          resister -> register


- Broken warning message when players tried to leave the platoon while the battle was searching has been fixed.

         Player levels, which remained the same as players leveled was up, is now displaying correctly.



6) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


- Snowing on the shipyard to celebrate the holiday season.


Please look forward to these updates this Monday night!


Thank you for your support,


-NF2 Team

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