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T5 CA?

12/23/2014 4:08:18 PM
Avatar PAcifisti

Going from T4 -> T5 CA and finding.. Furst Bismarck? 1897? Okey, they did give it a ridiculous top speed (30 vs the 18 IRL) but it's practicly the same ship as before with very minor dmg and hp increases. Checking the jump BB's get from t4 -> t5 and what the hell, 2,5-3x Volley dmg increase? How are you supposed to fight against the ships of your tier anymore. Even more what the hell when the matchmaker puts you up against T7 BB's which totally laugh at your pretty-much-t4 DPM and 2-3 shoot you out of the ocean.


I understand that CA isnt supposed to match 1-1 against BB's but the difference at T5 is already ridiculous. CA's seem to completely "skip" a tier up without gaining anything from it. You could throw the T7 CA against the T5 BB and the BB would still prolly win that fight. 


Looking at the other nations and this seems to be a... design feature of the CA lines. T5 being a slight upgrade over the previous one and totally outmatched by the upgrades their BB's get from going 4->5. What's the supposed role of the T5 CA? Anything it does can be done just as well by the T4 CA since it's not really any worse. Only change is the tiers you have to fight against (5-7) are just way too much for a practicly t4 ship.

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