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Current AAing is unusable

12/27/2014 12:42:10 AM
Avatar xmennf

Hello guys, I am suprised that no one have raised up this issue yet. It's the current AA(anti air) system. 

The aaw on bb is not working at all, even with +10% aaw increase item. But I think this is what it supposed to be, only CA got some strong aaw. 

However, the AA guns are so weird. In NF1 you were supposed to aim the shadow of the planes. But here you aim the red dot. It is easy to shoot them down while they are moving, but once the enemy planes are circling on a stable point, it becomes extremely hard to hit. Furthermore, if the player adjusted the height of the planes or they are TBing(torpedo bombing), it's almost impossible to aa any of them. 

In NF1, it was simple and easy, you lower the angles to shoot TB or planes that are not on default height, raise angles higher to shoot DB closing in. But here, you lack of an indicator to aim the planes, also you have to click far away from your own ship to aim lower, this is completely opposite of main gun aiming logic. The AA system need slightly improvement otherwise CV will be OP. 

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