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My feedback as a Beta Player (X-post, General & Suggestion)

1/5/2015 11:36:50 PM
Avatar PanzerBear

Greetings all.

Still new to NavyField 2 but certainly not new to Navyfield, played NavyField 1 for years, and I have done plenty of alpha and beta testing.

Finally, I always do a little research before I post, so I think what I post is valid and not just a rant.


Having played for a little I have come across a few things that I think needs to be looked at.





Navada (1916)

At the moment this ship seems way too good, and a few reason for this has appeared.

First of all I'll say that I know that at the end of the day, stats are there for balancing reasons not just for historical facts... but!


>> Having done a random pick spot check, many other ships have their real life speed, or a little slower. The Nevada is way faster than it was, 25.3 (27.6 upgraded) compared to a real speed of 20.5.1 I'm sure that there'll be other ships that are also faser than they were... as I said I just did a spot check, didn't go through all the ships in the tech trees. And if it was just the 7knots the Nevada had wrong, I don't think it would matter as much, but it not just that.


>> It gets two extra guns on both its upgrades, the Nevada throughout its entire life has dual super firing turrets over triple mounts. Not sure if this is intended or an oversight, but it gives the ship a good, and unwarrented, firepower upgrade.


>> Its guns also has 2x the elevation it had, 30° instead of 15°, and about 300m more range than the 14.1” on the Kongo, even though the Kongo had a much longer effetive gun range cca. 35.000m2 vs. cca. 21.000m3 on the Nevada.

The ship we have at T5 is the 1916 model, the 14”/45 guns were not upgraded to 30° of elevation untill the 1930s4, and even then the listed figures were cca. 31.000m, still less than the Kongo's.


This is not a hate on US BBs, I would do the same to any ships.





>> The game currently, for some reason, can't handle multiple key commands at the same time... that or it's SHIFT related, further testing is needed.

But at the moment, say when using manual FCS, you can't fine trim your aim (SHIFT + W; A; S; D) and fire while doing so, the game simply does not respond when you hit space to fire.

Even on Auto FCS if you try to dive in a sub (SHIFT + F; V) you can't click on the map to turn while doing so.

This is a massive issue when using Manual fire, and needs to be looked at.


>> Last update said MatchMaker(MM) is being looked at, so I'll hold off on that till we see. Here's hoping for the best. :)






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