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clarification on officer stats.

1/8/2015 3:58:25 AM
Avatar jlo82585

I have a BB crew and I was comparing it to my buddies the other day and now im thinking I may need to re make my crew.  I have my weapon officers classed each with a 3:1 ratio of accuracy to reload I.E. if the accuracy is 90 then reload is 30.

My buddy made each officer dedicated for one skill so he has 3 acc and one reload but 100% of the points are in that skill instead of being split. 

we recently were at the same level and his "skill bar" or whatever it is was almost 1/4 longer than mine?  so my guess is that the skills increase exponentially per points placed in any specific skills?


can anyone confirm this? I really dont want to make a new crew but I am going to if this is the case.  thanks.

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